Safe, Non-invasive Installation

  • GasTrac sensors are proximity-based. Pipes and gas lines are not disturbed in any way, making installation safe and reliable. 
  • Other systems require individual gas lines to be cut, requiring an experienced gas fitter. Homeowners are unlikely to allow this type of installation.
  • GasTrac can be installed by energy auditors or homeowners safely and reliably.
  • The ease of installation and removal makes GasTrac the ideal tool for performing both short term energy audits and long term trend analysis.

Wireless Data Logging

  • GasTrac sensors are wireless but do not access the homeowner’s WiFi network. 
  • Security is never compromised.  

Microprocessor controlled

  • GasTrac sensors incorporate the latest microprocessor components and designs.

Uncomplicated Design

  • The system uses mainly tested and proven, reliable off-the-shelf components to minimize cost and maximize reliability. GasTrac sensors are powered by a USB source like a cell phone charger. 
  • A GasTrac installation can run unattended for months at a time. There are no batteries to replace or charge and the inexpensive on-board data storage is sufficient for multiple years of readings.

Open Data Standard

  • Data is saved in an industry-standard CSV format to permit additional analysis