seasonal appliance demand

The GasTrac Feature

  • Appliance consumption can be aggregated to any time interval
  • Monthly aggregations are used to evaluate and verify system settings and performance.

What the Chart Shows

  • The red bar charts on the left show furnace consumption by month and hour. As expected there is little to no furnace consumption from May through September. December shows a delayed morning peak and generally higher hourly consumption compared to other winter months due to residents being “home for the holidays”.
  • The green chart shows gas consumption for the hot water tank. Gas demand for the hot water tank shows little to no seasonal variation.

Why it is Important

  • This chart lets analysts quickly confirm system performance. If furnace gas demand extended into the summer months, or a seasonal pattern appeared for the hot water tank further investigations and/or system configuration would be warranted.
  • Overall gas demand is minimized in an optimized system.

Key Points

  • Verify system operation to maximize efficiency.
  • GasTrac allows appliance demand to be aggregated in many useful and different ways.
  • Analysis can be used to quickly verify efficient system performance.