Detailed 24 Hr Analysis


The core analytic shows gas appliance operation over a 24 hour period. This generates a picture of energy use by appliance. Distinct usage patterns are easily identified.  Out of range patterns are easily identified and can be used to prescribe corrective action



This plot shows the relationship between gas usage and weather for each appliance.  Gas used in the furnace is highly correlated to weather while gas used for hot water heating is not.

Seasonal Analysis


Seasonal analysis can determine if a furnace is being used too late in the spring or too early in the fall. 

Weather Regression Check


 Publicly available weather statistics represent conditions only at reference locations. GasTrac records local weather that result in improved analysis . 

A Simple Pie


 “Split” data presents the relative energy consumption of all the appliances at any time scale in an instantly interpreted pie chart. 

The Hockey Stick


The "kink" in this chart shows the ambient temperature below which the furnace is required. If the kink occurs too far to the right (warmer temperatures) then the building might need an insulation upgrade.