annual demand by appliance

The GasTrac Feature

  • Gas demand by appliance

What the Chart Shows

  • High resolution GasTrac can be rolled up to produce very high-level summaries. 
  • This chart shows that annual split between the furnace and hot water tank for a single premise.
  • In this case exactly 80% of the gas was used in the furnace and 20% was used for hot water.

Why it is Important

  • In a single premise checking that the split between appliance is within regional tolerances can be used to identify system inefficiencies.
  • Developing appliance splits at the utility scale can aid in system (peak) planning as well as demand forecasting.

Key Points

  • Pie chart quickly confirms expected split 
  • Aggregating high resolution data results in a variety of easy to use analytics that are used to validate system performance.