High resolution 

gas appliance 

demand monitoring


Why GasTrac?

With today's emphasis on climate change, homeowners have a responsibility to minimize energy use and eliminate waste. GasTrac offers a method not previously available to fully and accurately evaluate energy use in residential settings.  

What is GasTrac?

GasTrac consists of high-resolution microprocessor-controlled digital sensors for at each natural gas appliance to be monitored, a base station and proprietary analytics to process the information obtained. Gas consumption at each appliance is recorded every 10 seconds.  

How Does it Work?

GasTrac performs a complete appliance-by-appliance evaluation of energy use in real time using high resolution data collection and advanced analytics. This is can be compared to an EKG of gas usage in the home with the ability to spot even small anomalies. Once the issues are known, correcting them is greatly simplified.  

What are the Benefits?

Responsible homeowners understand that excessive energy consumption is harmful for the environment as well as inflating their shelter expenses. Until now the only measure available of their energy use was in their monthly statements. GasTrac provides a whole new level of detail and insight that allows precise identification of the areas where energy consumption and environmental impacts can be reduced.  

What are the Opportunities?

  • GasTrac can be used by providers of home energy audits to dramatically improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their recommendations and benefits to their customers. 
  • GasTrac can be used by HVAC contractors to demonstrate dollar-and-cents benefits of replacing obsolete or defective gas appliances.
  • GasTrac can be used by natural gas utilities in their home energy audit and incentive programs and to improve their understanding of broad energy consumption trends. 
  • GasTrac can be used by consultants to obtain deeper insights into energy use patterns and the factors that influence them, resulting in more accurate, data-driven analysis and conclusions.